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Whether the need is a house, or a home loan to buy a house or even just the various FMCGs which are associated with this growing consumer market, Musa can service this demand.
Therefore, providing various goods from food, houses, education and  nancial services to wage-earning Africans is how Musa ful ls its company ethos, which is ‘to do good and do well’.
“We address the basic needs of the African continent from a quality product and
service perspective, but we do so in a sustainable and a ordable
way for the consumer, and at the same time
generating a return for our investors.”
One of the most signi cant changes made to the business model after the launch of Musa Group was the addition of institutional shareholders.
The  rm’s corporatisation e ectively absorbed over three million shareholders from a local government pension fund, which is the largest investor in the business.
By generating a return for these investors Musa is also doing good for that same clientele who purchase their goods and services, particularly those who can be referred to as blue collar workers, who rely heavily on their savings for retirement.

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