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98 FINANCE | Musa Group Created as an evolution of longstanding sub-Saharan African investment house
Musa Capital, Musa Group is a diversified trading and operating company focused on bringing better standards of living
to Africa’s middle and lower classes. One of the co-founders of Musa Capital, William Jimerson, has been with the firm throughout its entire history and played a crucial role in its recent transition from a private equity group into a fully operating trading entity. Jimerson talks to ABN about Musa’s evolution into a multi sector-focused trading company providing vital goods and services to countless African citizens.
Musa Group is comprised of a fund management group, an investment banking group and several operating companies
in various sectors including housing, retail  nance, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and agriculture.
To do good and do well
“Our focus sectors may initially seem like a disparate collection of businesses and industries, but there is a unifying thread amongst them and that is the fact that they service the base of the pyramid,” says Jimerson.
The base of the pyramid he refers to represents the rapidly growing pool of working and middle-
class Africans across several developing countries, whose needs Musa aims to meet.

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