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e se  across the region, and having such a geographically diverse portfolio has allowed any singular political or economic tremor to be absorbed and o set.
Looking at the bigger picture, Parkes believes that Africa will have a massive role to play in feeding the continent and the world as global populations rise.
“When you look at the agriculture situation from a global-macro perspective, the key resource in agricultural production is land and Africa represents 40% of the world’s uncultivated arable land.
“Africa is currently behind the curve in terms of crop yields and agricultural productivity and this is something that it needs to improve on, which is why we are investing in companies that are innovating in this space.”
With this in mind, Injaro is not resting on its laurels and hopes to announce two or three further investments in the coming months, along with the raising of a new fund in 2018 which should consolidate its position as a leading impact-orientated investment fund in the West African agribusiness space.
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