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94 FINANCE | Injaro Investments challenges appearing across the region, there are plenty of reasons for Injaro to remain optimistic about operating in West Africa.
A growing population, increasing integration across the sub-region and huge agricultural potential in some of the world’s fastest growing economies represent a few of
the many justi cations for investing in the region’s agribusinesses.
“The other thing we like about West Africa is the Francophone market, which bene ts from having a single currency, a single language and a common business code, which makes it quite easy for us to transfer knowledge from one country to another,” says Parkes.
“West Africa is a region which has had a lot of political instability and some economic instability as well over the last year, so diversifying the portfolio in terms of sub- sectors within the agricultural space as well as by geography is a sensible portfolio management approach.”
While nations such as Ghana, Sierra Leonne and Liberia are much more politically
stable nowadays, the region as a whole is still susceptible to pockets of con ict from insurgency groups, while major economic players Ghana and Nigeria have been shaken by recent economic slumps.
However, regardless of the intermittent shocks Injaro has always found many opportunities to make good investments
“We call ourselves a financfirst impact investor becauevery investment we makehas to have an impact but also has to be financially sustainable.”
Jerry Parkes, managing principal

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