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yields also began to increase and a new protocol was developed for farming a new variety of pineapple, which will soon be rolled out and shared with other smallholder farmers, so they too can make a living from growing and exporting pineapples.
Finally, if the strength of Injaro’s investments across the agricultural space in West Africa needed any sort of external con rmation, it has been emphatically delivered by a recent publication from the London Stock Exchange Group called Companies to Inspire Africa.
The 2017 report listed a series of companies which were deemed to be making real innovations in their relative sectors
and making major contributions to the development of the African continent.
Of the 343 companies featured in the publication, 11 of those were from the agricultural sector, and out of those 11,
 ve of them came from Injaro’s portfolio, including Agricare, Comptoir 2000, Proveto SA, Faso Kaba and Neema Agricole du Faso, which Injaro has just exited from as a result of its success.
To have such a high number of its companies recognised by an esteemed independent body is testament to the strength of Injaro’s portfolio, which has been shaped by the desire to invest in  rms seeking to transform the agricultural sector in West Africa.
West Africa
Despite some niggling political and economic

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