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greater volumes of produce, while social issues a ecting low-income citizens such as poverty are relieved.
In addition, Injaro has another company on its portfolio called Sekaf Ghana, which works in the shea butter space and epitomises the blending of  nancial return and social impact.
“We are really excited about this company because they are actually linking poor rural women who handpick shea nuts and hand- process organic shea butter into an end user market funded by relatively wealthy consumers, who can pay a high price for a  nished product such as all-natural body lotion or a bar of soap.”
This investment is particularly signi cant as
the company acts as a bridge between rural Africa and the international market, which opens up new revenue opportunities for Sekaf, while enabling its local employees to become self-su cient.
Another recent investment by Injaro comes in the shape of a pineapple-exporting company called Gold Coast Fruits in Ghana. Gold
Coast found itself in some  nancial distress prior to Injaro’s entry into the business,
but the  rm was able to negotiate mutually bene cial restructuring with local banks, which immediately bumped up the value of its equity.
Therefore, from a  nancial perspective Gold Coast began to improve with Injaro’s assistance. But, from a practical outlook,

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