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90 FINANCE | Injaro Investments “Where there are great challenges there are also great opportunities, so we want to be part of making existing value chains more e cient, doing this in a manner that can generate returns for our investors and also make a social impact.”
For Injaro, every business in its portfolio represents a success story in its own way, having each been carefully selected and assessed based on potential  nancial return and social impact.
However, a good example of this marriage between  nancial return and social impact comes from the innovations of Injaro’s various businesses in the seed production sector. Despite these companies existing only as small out ts in countries such as
Ghana, Mali and Niger, they have developed a number of products which are maximising the yield potential of staple crops.
“By working on seeds that are drought tolerant and early maturing, along with other features which give climate resistance to small holder farmers, these companies are innovating in a space which is pretty challenging.
“In fact, these seeds have the potential to quadruple or quintuple the yields of critical crops in West Africa.”
Such a drastic boost to these crucial yields brings innumerable bene ts to the local communities in the regions, with farmers able to make more money through selling

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