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86 FINANCE | Injaro Investments Injaro Investments is a private equity fund operating in the West African agricultural
space, and was founded by Ghanaian businessman Jerry Parkes and his Ivorian colleague Dadié Tayoraud in 2009. The
pair met at business school having emigrated to the West
to complete higher education and begin their professional careers. However, together they shared a vision of returning to the continent and using their knowledge and experience to aid socio-economic development. It was this mutual aspiration that was the driving force behind
the formation of Injaro. Parkes speaks to ABN about his path back to West Africa and the progression of Injaro over the last eight years.
“I always knew I would return to Ghana having left to pursue my university education in the UK, where I remained for most of my professional career prior to Injaro. I have always wanted to come back to Ghana and do something meaningful,” reveals Parkes.
When the time  nally came to return, Parkes identi ed the agricultural sector in West Africa as one with huge growth potential if adequate funding could be made available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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