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82 FINANCE | Zeder Investments “My dream would be thajourney we’ve been on, drivmake good investments its belt following PSG’s adjustment of its management fees, the company is in a great position to increase its investments and possibly expand its portfolio.
Regarding new investments, Zeder plans to stay within the broad spheres of agribusiness and food and beverages on the continent, but could move into complementing areas such as fuel and logistics, which have been identi ed as growth sectors.
“Other areas we are looking at in the food sector are health and technology. We think that health and technology are very exciting
areas that we would like to make investments in.
“The global appetite for a healthier way of life and healthy eating is a growing theme that we would like to be exposed to.”
Zeder is also looking at potential investee companies in the agribusiness technology space, companies which utilise various technological innovations relating to smart- farming and environmental sustainability.
The short-term objective for Zeder is for its core companies to remain resilient in the face

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