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74 FINANCE | Zeder Investments Zeder Investments was born
in 2006 out of South African investment holding company PSG Group, which had previously invested in a number of household names within the national agricultural industry. This collation of agribusiness companies on its portfolio fashioned a need for PSG to have a singular, agribusiness- concentrated vehicle. Therefore, Zeder was created and listed
on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and has since nurtured an investment portfolio valued at R15 billion.
“Zeder Investments itself may have been born in 2006 but the strategy and the organisations which Zeder owns date back decades and they represent some of South Africa’s most well-known agricultural groups,” says CEO Norman Celliers.
The company began with a portfolio containing a series of small investments
in a collection of agribusiness-focused companies, before slowly building its share in these  rms over the course of its  rst six years. However, Zeder’s strategy changed in 2012 when Celliers joined the company and a gradual process of streamlining its portfolio was undertaken, concentrating on quality and size of investment over the quantity of investments.

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