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“We found in these markets, the second exchange often gained signi cant market share, and this is because people inherently dislike a monopoly.
“We are very excited to be playing this role as a pioneer in breaking the monopoly in South Africa.”
Future expansion
Following ARC’s momentous decision to list on the South African stock exchanges, the company plans to continue investing in well- recognised public and private  rms, further building the base provided by billionaire philanthropist Motsepe and Ubuntu-Botho.
“Patrice has made R10 billion available to us
in two R5 billion tranches. The  rst tranche is a given and the second depends on how successfully the  rst tranche is invested.
“We realise that the need for empowerment in South Africa is so enormous that we could easily build a business of between R20-50 billion, and Patrice has the brand name and the credibility to achieve this.”
CONTACT +27 (0) 11 778 6070

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