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66 FINANCE | African Rainbow Capital
Johan van der Merwe
“People want to have a credible empowerment partner and they also want empowerment partners that add value and have capital available. From that perspective, we have all those ingredients.”
These ingredients combine to make ARC a very attractive proposition for a wide range of  rms who require a company shareholder with BEE credentials.
Therefore, when ARC does choose to invest in a company, whether it be a private or publicly-listed out t, the investment trust assumes a position on the board and attempts to add value by supporting the strategy going forward, with a particular focus on the  nancial services side of the business.
Despite only formally launching little over a year ago in April 2016, ARC has already
established an auspicious reputation thanks to its investments and the subsequent contributions made to a wide array of investee companies, along with its high- calibre management team.
“With Patrice at the helm, along with Johan van Zyl, who has been credited as a huge success from his time at Sanlam, we are very well known both in South Africa and internationally.
Patrice Motsepe

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