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African Business Network 53
is SJL Group in
Morocco, a leading logistics, warehousing and transport  rm.
“That industrial-led development is really powerful and I think it will be a central part of the Moroccan growth story for the next 20 years,” Baird predicts.
“The way I describe it is the North of Morocco is becoming the Mexico of Europe in the sense of lots of very high tech, high precision manufacturing in a low-cost labour environment with great logistics and near accessibility to a developed market.”
Baird is a man that would know having run a Mexican medical device manufacturing plant previously, he says it is testament to the precision, the supply chain and the cost advantage of manufacturing in both regions.
The second transport logistics company
J&J Transport is based in Mozambique and
is focused on importing and distributing fertiliser to mining and resources companies and at the same time exporting the natural

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