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52 FINANCE | Investec Asset Management
Baird says he is
seeing a lot of activity in  ntech, telecommunications
and smartphone technology and clean energy applications. The investment in wiGroup International based in South Africa is a perfect demonstration of  ntech and mobile technology meeting to provide value. WiGroup o ers small retailers point-of-sale mobile transaction platforms and could revolutionise commerce across the continent.
The investment in Mobisol, the Berlin-based o -grid electricity provider for East Africa,
is another example of an investment in an innovative, industry disruptor-type company. Baird says with Mobisol the fund has an investment in a company with ‘technology leapfrog characteristics’ where o -grid electricity is overtaking the rollout of the conventional grid lines.
Where Baird and Investec are seeing real growth and sector-establishment potential is in the transport logistics industry, particularly because of Africa’s cheap labour, time
zone and proximity to Europe. One of the

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