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economies demonstrate healthy growth numbers and formalise their regulations and policies.
The current growth trends in African private equity also represent a change from what has historically been the status quo. The main attraction to Africa over the years has been the consumer demographic trends – the large consumer base has attracted huge capital for FMCG companies. However, the trends are
shifting towards technology enablement and sectors driven by rapid urbanisation and the infrastructure gap.
“Technology is coming through as an enabler in terms of increasing accessibility to a number of services, primarily in the  ntech and mobile payments space. But
we are seeing some investment moving towards sectors like energy, healthcare, and education,“ says Obasanjo-Adeleye.
When Mustapha-Maduakor casts her mind forward to predict how AVCA will evolve given these trends, and continue to provide best-in- class support for the industry, she reiterates that the association will continue to do the things that have brought about the industry successes we witness today – listening to its members.
“We will continue understanding the needs of our members as they evolve and react to the latest trends in the industry. The landscape is continuously changing, but the main thing is to carry on advocating for private investment, and we will be supporting the development of PE hubs across Africa,” Mustapha- Maduakor adds.
“As the industry advances, our role as its voice will adapt to emerging trends, with a focus on liaising with policy makers in key PE hubs to ensure we collectively create an enabling environment for the asset class to grow in Africa.”

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