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“The tide towards populism makes it increasingly important to make the case
for Africa as a destination for private equity investment,” she says. “As this mood of looking more inwards continues to grow, we are making sure we speak loudly as a voice of the industry and we will continue to approach institutional investor education as an ever- greater requirement.”
However, those challenges that often a ict emerging markets conversely represent great opportunities and attractions for willing investors. There are excellent returns to
be made in Africa with the chance to build market leaders in unestablished industries and the large consumer base currently driving rapid urbanisation presenting major opportunities. For African private equity speci cally, the macroeconomic situations have propelled investment.
“Due to the macroeconomic uncertainty we have seen, there are opportunities that may previously not have emerged,” Obasanjo- Adeleye notes. “Entrepreneurs who would have been reticent to speak to private investors are now willing to have discussions,

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