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as an industry standard for African private equity statistics.
AVCA’s head of research, and a highly analytical research specialist, Enitan Obasanjo-Adeleye, stresses that research is one of the most key areas for AVCA in terms of promoting the private equity industry. Prior to AVCA’s strategic restructuring in 2011, there was no internationally recognised body publishing pan-African private equity industry information.
That gap has since been  lled by AVCA’s extensive research which covers 150 general partners on the continent, tracking the full spectrum of private equity activity from fundraising to deals and transactions through to exits. Obasanjo-Adeleye adds that AVCA’s research provides institutional investors
(LPs) insight that informs ‘a lot of critical investment decisions’.
In addition, and something the organisation takes huge pride in, is its facility to
educate the industry by providing training programmes. AVCA o ers training programmes in Legal Agreements in African Private Equity, where legal practitioners master best practices in fund formation
and structuring, and due diligence. The association also o ers an Institutional Investor Masterclass, which provides domestic LPs with the insight and tools essential for well-informed investment decisions. Two notable LPs to have made investments under AVCA’s tutelage are South Africa’s Public Investment Corporation and

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