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Goodyear OTR tyres can meet the demands of any construction and mining operation. Products provide high TKPH, durability and strong performance in all operating conditions.
SA has historically su ered from numerous fatalities across its mining operations. While the number has been drastically reduced from the multiple hundreds per year to around 70, the mining ministry retains
the power to shut down operations until a company can prove it can safely operate a mine. That is a huge worry for a company
as it can have a multi-billion-rand impact on revenue and therefore selecting a contractor with a focus on safety performance is a priority.
“When companies go to outsource contract mining they need to be able to rely on a best- in-class safety operator before they even
talk about the cost of the service and that is where we come in,” asserts Mapasa.
“We believe that Basil Read as a contractor probably has leading statistics from a safety
performance point of view, to the point where we  nd ourselves leading the client in terms of safety.
“We’ve got proven systems from a safety point of view which means the client actually depends on us and they are comfortable that when they outsource a service to us we will actually improve their safety performance.”
The ability to provide a safe service also relies on Basil Read’s supply chain providing the highest quality equipment. Particularly major global players such as Komatsu, Liebherr and Atlas Copco ensure all of the Boksburg-based company’s contract mining is using the best machinery.
The second key plank to Basil Read’s o ering is what it can bring in terms of boosting a project’s productivity. Mapasa
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