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2019 then we can rely on grid power. We’ve got the Botswana resources conference coming in June and that is one of the main issues we will be bringing up.”
However, Forrester does not deny that power is critical for the project to progress, “It’s an issue which has to be resolved. We raise money in the market and unless we
can show that we can ultimately get this into production, then we won’t get the con dence of the people that are supporting us.
“The Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources are saying that, by 2019, they will have su cient power for all the projects waiting in Botswana and in fact they will be a net exporter of power instead of importing it from South Africa.”
So if, as Forrester expects and is counting on, all the cards fall into place over the next two
years the project should be in production in 2020 or before. The major tranche of work this year will be to drill out the Nxuu resource into a indicated and measured resource compliant with JORC 2012 and enter into a feasibility study in 2018.
Based on the proposed production level of 750,000tpa the project will not require heavy capital expenditure on a large plant and therefore when power is delivered on site Mount Burgess can move full steam ahead with realising the Kihabe project to its full potential.
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