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158 MINING |Mount Burgess Mining no electri cation transpiring the feasibility could not be undertaken and the domino e ect saw the Botswanan authorities decide not to renew Mount Burgess’ licence.
Having bounced around Botswana’s courts for three years Forrester appealed directly to President Khama highlighting the fact that it was not Mount Burgess’ responsibility to install power and there was little the company could do to help things along.
Forrester believes his appeal to President Khama led to Mount Burgess being invited
to apply for a new exploration licence to cover the Kihabe project. The application was granted last year and runs for seven years, so Forrester does not expect to run into this problem again.
The government plans to refurbish the original Morupule A 120MW coal  red power
unit. It further plans to repair three of the four 150 MW Morupule B coal  red power units which have caused all the problems and delays in upgrading Botswana’s grid power output. Contracts for the construction of a further two 150MW Morupule B coal  red power units have been awarded to Marubeni and Posco Energy. However, construction
of these two further units is awaiting the provision of guarantees from the Botswana Power Corporation. Forrester has not completely ruled out that access to grid power could be an ongoing problem for the project.
Accordingly as an insurance policy Mount Burgess has been in discussions with other companies regarding alternative power supplies for the project, “They say they
can provide power, a combined LNG-solar process for around $0.13 per KWh. But if we can be assured we will get power there by

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