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and being able to produce metal on site we categorise it as low risk too.”
Albeit remote, the project has access to a number of key infrastructure components necessary for a producing mine. It is located 350km from the nearest town in Botswana which is Maun, which has an international airport. The Dobe border gate between Botswana and Namibia is situated on the company’s Kihabe project prospecting licence, allowing access to Grootfontein
in Namibia where there is a railhead. Also situated on the Kihabe project exploration licence is the Xai Xai airstrip.
Forrester con rms that the access road to the Kihabe project has now been upgraded with the potential for it to later be sealed.
If the company can produce metal on site
it will eliminate the need to transport and ship large tonnages of concentrate. It will further eliminate the need to negotiate with smelters in various parts of the world. He also highlights how there are many far more isolated projects in the world which are in operation.
While Botswana ranks second in Africa for doing business according to the Fraser Institute and is a stable and peaceful country, an area where Mount Burgess has had rather more fraught relations with the government is in getting access to power on site.
Powering up
Grid power to the site was originally pledged for 2012, a date on which Forrester had leveraged the feasibility study. However, with

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