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“Fruitways is growing in a big way in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.”
seven years. Volumes are growing roughly by about 15-20% year-on-year, with a lot of our produce going into West Africa, where Nigeria is the primary market.
“Overall, areas where the brand of Fruitways is growing in a big way would be Africa, the Middle East and the Far East markets, where
the brand itself and the wholesaler markets are still in the development phase.”
Fruitways in the community
As a result of its successful global marketing strategy, Fruitways has developed into
a leading player in the international agribusiness sector.
However, the business continues to play a big role in the local community, despite its produce now being enjoyed by consumers
thousands of miles away from the people who work to cultivate the fruit across the Elgin Valley.
Stefan Conradie, commercial director
In full season, Fruitways employs about 5,000

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