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Perhaps the most integral segment to Fruitways’ sustained growth across global markets is the marketing division. Since its creation in 2001, Fruitways has mushroomed into an internationally acclaimed fruit producer,  rst exporting its produce to the UK.
“When the marketing business started, it was focused on the UK market and UK retailers speci cally.
“Tesco and Morrisons were the main clients, and a big part of what we did in the early 2000s was aimed at the UK market and those two customers,” says Conradie.
Over the ensuing years, the relationships
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Fruitways Marketing
forged with these UK retailers developed into long-term partnerships, which is encapsulated by the fact that Tesco is still Fruitways biggest single customer across its international portfolio to this day.
The UK remains a huge and lucrative export market for Fruitways, with just under a quarter of the company’s total exports headed to the UK in 2014.
However, the Fruitways marketing team has also worked hard to foster relationships in major markets beyond the UK, developing
a strong presence across mainland Europe, along with the Middle East and in Africa, where it has targeted the continent’s emerging markets.
“Africa is probably the market that has grown at a really strong pace in the last  ve-to-
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