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142 AGRICULTURE | Fruitways One of the units still in operation, namely the Eikenhof facility, actually happens to be the original Moodie family farm in Elgin, which goes to show the longevity of the  rm’s presence in the farming region.
In addition to the apples and pears produced across the seven production units, around half of Fruitways’ total exported goods are provided by external growers who supply the  rm’s packsheds with extra produce.
“We pack and market the fruit on their behalf, and they trust us with their product to add value, which keeps us on our toes,” Conradie explains.
Another crucial section of the business is the Agri Services unit, which utilises the latest technologies in order to establish best horticultural practises. This continuous evaluation allows for the roll-out of new methodologies which ultimately leads to greater quality yields and better varieties of apples and pears.
Fruitways has also operated an integrated packing service since the 1970s, which is responsible for the large-scale packaging of its produce prior to shipment.
Since this business unit was  rst constructed, it has experienced exponential growth as the business produced more fruit and began exporting to more global destinations. Today, the division is comprised of three state-of-the-art packing facilities in Elgin, which handle around 90,000 tonnes of apples
and pears, approximately eight million cartons, annually.

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