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journey from local fruit producer to mass international marketer of apples and pears.
Business units
Fruitways is comprised of several specialised business units, all of which provide a distinct function and contribute to a well-oiled process which begins with the very  rst planting of seeds and ends with the  nal consumer enjoying its produce, wherever they may be in the world.
These business units include Fruitways Farming, Agri Services, Packing Services and Marketing, as well as the management unit, titled Fruitways Group Services.
“Between the farming and packing, then packing to marketing, these processes are integrated but each one is completed in a vastly di erent environment with di erent focuses and a di erent type of service required to have a happy customer at the end of the day,” explains Conradie.
Beginning with the farming division, all Fruitways produce is harvested from seven production units that process around 60,000 tonnes of fruit from 1,200 hectares of land across the Elgin Valley.
The leafy and arable Elgin region is one of the most intensively farmed areas of South Africa, and is now internationally known as the place in the country ‘where the apples come from’, producing about 55% of South African apples, and 30% of its pears.

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