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140 AGRICULTURE | Fruitways In the late 1920s, an 18-year old Douglas Moodie moved from his home in Scotland to the warmer climes of the Western Cape in South Africa to pursue a career as a farmer in the lush Elgin Valley region. Little did he know his bold emigration would prove to be the germinating seeds of a leading agribusiness with a global dispersal, nearly a century later.
Today, Fruitways is a fully integrated producer, packer and marketer of apples and pears and a national leader in the deciduous fruit industry, having extended its presence across several major global markets.
The business has remained in the ownership of the Moodie family since Douglas bought the farm he worked on in the 1940s. Fruitways has also remained in the Elgin Valley region throughout its many phases
of development over the 20th century, with Alistair Moodie (son-of-Douglas) taking
the company through three decades of expansion after joining the business in 1971.
The turn of the century saw the formation of Fruitways’ global marketing division, which allowed the company to establish itself as
a truly global entity, exporting its produce across the world.
Fruitways’ commercial director Stefan Conradie takes ABN through the company’s

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