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and expensive.
You have to remember that AHRLAC was conceived and designed by a very young team of South African engineers, unencumbered by traditional thinking.
They designed and built the machinery to manufacture components, dispensed with conventional jigs, and came up with novel ways to manufacture aeroplanes. So it was not only AHRLAC itself that amazed many
in the industry, but also the new ways of thinking about manufacturing processes, and actually setting up a production line that breaks new ground in the industry and is truly innovative.
This has put SA back on the map, so to speak, as a global contributor of excellence in the aviation industry, in addition to Aerosud which has been a world leader in its class for many years.
For SA it represents a bright spot in
an otherwise bleak picture for the manufacturing industry in general, and shows that South Africans have the creativity, engineering excellence, and management competence to bring exciting new products to market.

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