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and pronounced AHRLAC to be a truly world- class product that could make a signi cant impact on the industry.
We welcomed this scrutiny, as it gave us an opportunity to test ourselves against the highest aviation standards and the most demanding aerospace requirements of
the world’s industry leaders. Since then, AHRLAC has gone into production at our new, purpose-built factory at Wonderboom Airport north of Pretoria. We are currently ramping- up manufacture of the aircraft, and plan to soon have our o cial opening of the factory as we approach full capacity. That is why I say I am more positive and enthusiastic now than ever about AHRLAC’s prospects.
JK: Now it is in production, what does AHRLAC represent not only for Paramount but for SA as a demonstration of the technical excellence and innovation in the country?
II: A great deal, actually. In fact, I’m not sure that we, ourselves, fully comprehend the huge impact that AHRLAC has made, and will make for many years to come. As you know, the aircraft is a unique design, incorporating the latest technological advances that result in an extraordinarily versatile platform at an a ordable price. We have been told by other aerospace manufacturers that if they had tried to come up with something resembling AHRLAC their development costs would have been multiples of our ours. In addition, they would have used conventional manufacturing techniques, which are more time-consuming

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