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132 ABN SPEAKS TO...| Ivor Ichikowitz entirely on orders from the SA Government to be viable, and unless they are globally competitive they face an uncertain future.
In an ideal world, Paramount would want to see a growing economy in SA, with a thriving industrial sector cooperating with us to bring opportunity and prosperity to a greater number of people, and we are making our contribution to such a future.
JK: Last time we spoke to you (June 2015) the AHRLAC was due to go into production within 18 months - how has the market reacted to the product now? Is it receiving the demand you expected?
II: I am more positive and enthusiastic
now than when we last spoke. During our previous interview I was con dent that the investment we were making in the new factory and tooling and going into serial production was the right step to take, owing to the quality of the product and market requirement that AHRLAC would satisfy.
Our market research, and feedback from potential customers was overwhelmingly pointing to the need for multi-role utility of such an aircraft, especially in the developing world.
Somewhat to our surprise, however, AHRLAC also attracted enormous interest from developed countries that have their own advanced aerospace industries: they did their own due diligence on the aircraft, went through every detail of the design, manufacturing processes and performance,

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