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giving back to the communities in which our various businesses have operated. I was raised in that tradition, and take pride in my family’s contributions to the general
welfare, by way of charitable initiatives for the underprivileged, educational
opportunities, social development programs, and environmental protection.
If you have the means, the will, and the opportunity to improve the lives of
individuals and communities I believe you have a responsibility to contribute as best
you can.
resources in all of the above. In regard to anti-poaching that you mentioned, we have provided helicopters and other equipment, K9 units, training and funding to these e orts in South Africa and other countries on the continent. We take an ongoing interest in these matters to ensure they are sustainable and successful.
JK: You pride yourself on being a South African company, how important is it to support a South African supply chain?
II: We are a South African company in our origins, and mostly in the make-up of our executive, management, and employees.
However, we have always necessarily seen ourselves as operating in a global
industry, with a global customer base, and over time we have invested in production facilities on other continents where governments of those countries have wanted a partner to develop their own industrial capabilities.
However, it remains true that virtually all
of our design, development, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing work is done in South Africa. Bear in mind that the defence industry has shrunk substantially in South Africa in recent years, with many companies exiting the business. This limits the number of local companies that Paramount can work with, but nevertheless we support as many as we can.
In the new world of manufacturing it is di cult for companies that rely almost
We do this by way of programmes funded by Paramount Group (such as
scholarships for engineering students, technical training, mentorship programs and internships), and via the Ichikowitz Family Foundation which has invested substantial

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