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130 ABN SPEAKS TO...| Ivor Ichikowitz
high level vision for Paramount and the South African aerospace and technical engineering industry as a whole?
II: We are living in a period of rapid technological change of historical proportions, that will impact profoundly on how we live and work. Taken together, this is referred to as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.
So, the  rst deliverable is to reinvent some
of our companies in the group that are on the front-line of these changes, to equip
and empower them to fully embrace these changes and employ them to best e ect. This is already underway: we have restructured and developed new focal areas where we have inherent strength and innovative capability, and we will continue this process. We have to think ahead of the technology, use it to invent new solutions, and thereby maintain our position as a well-known
and respected brand. We cannot simply continue doing things the way we always have: we have never been that kind of group, and never will be. Fortunately, as a private-sector group that has creativity and entrepreneurship in our DNA, we have the agility and rapid-response capability that few others can match, and we see this as a great advantage.
Disruptive as this might be, we also have to stick to our knitting. At any given time we are carrying out all kinds of projects for our customers all over the world, and we have to keep our focus on delivering on time and
on budget. This means we have to concentrate on every detail of the business, and operate our group in a manner that competes successfully with the best in the world.
The challenge for us is to maintain corporate stability while embracing fundamental change. In the past we have found that the two are not mutually exclusive, but can complement each other. That is my other deliverable:
to build on this special quality that Paramount has in its culture.
JK: There is a culture in the company to give back to South Africa, can you expand on the reasons behind this and some of the recent initiatives you have undertaken?
II: I come from a long family tradition of

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