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prepare for the Internet of Things which will fundamentally alter the way manufacturing is done.
The multiplier e ect of a successful aerospace industry has strategic implications for any economy, which is why developing countries from Mexico to Morocco are investing so heavily in developing their capabilities. South Africa should be doing the same.
JK: Has the approach from the South African Government towards the aerospace industry changed over time, now o ering more to the sector in terms of development?
II: The importance of South Africa’s aerospace industry to the overall growth of the economy
is recognised by the government as outlined in the Defence Review of 2015. Also at a local level, the Tshwane Metro sees Pretoria and surrounding areas of the municipality as the growth point for aerospace in the country, and has made the land available to us at the Wonderboom Airport for the construction of the AHRLAC factory.
Unfortunately, companies in the industry often see government funding as their only way to grow. As a private-sector group, however, Paramount has to largely  nd its own way in the world, and has to fund its own programs.
JK: What are your ambitions for the company,  rstly on a near-term basis; what are your key deliverables over the next two years? Secondly what is your

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