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and we invested heavily in AHRLAC.
I don’t think anyone in SA has invested anywhere near as much in the future of aerospace in this country. We have also invested heavily in new technology, much
of it in-house, and in our people, in order to remain globally competitive. We have already embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution, of which AHRLAC is a good example. This is giving our younger generation of engineers exciting projects to work on; and giving them a vision of future career opportunities that are available nowhere else in SA.
JK: Aerospace is a hugely valuable global industry, how big a role could the South African sector play in contributing to the national economy?
II: Much bigger. It should become a key strategic sector of the economy. Bear in mind that a capable aerospace industry requires the most comprehensive range and variety of engineering skills, project managers, and all of the professional disciplines needed to successfully run the industry as a family of growing businesses. Any gap in that chain renders your industry less than optimal, and consequently non-competitive in the global supply chain.
If we are to build SA’s industrial base and manufacturing capabilities, aerospace is a good place to start creating the expertise that the nation needs, and which can support many other manufacturing industries.
From our perspective, Paramount Group is doing everything possible to plug those gaps, help the industry to thrive in SA, and

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