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124 ABN SPEAKS TO...| Ivor Ichikowitz South Africa plays host to some of most advanced technical engineering in the global
market. From high-precision medical devices to new wave aviation vehicles, the country is at the cutting edge of technical manufacturing. However, there are significant challenges in retaining the bright minds that can place South Africa as a global leader for advanced engineering. ABN speaks to Ivor Ichikowitz, founder of Paramount Group,
as he beats the drum for South Africa’s young engineers and outlines how the industry can continue to develop...
Jack Kennedy: You have spoken about the importance of re-establishing the South African aerospace industry, how are you and your partners, such as Aerosud, going about making sure it happens?
Ivor Ichikowitz: We have taken a number
of concrete steps. You will know that we acquired a substantial shareholding in Aerosud and helped to create the Innovation and Training Centre there; we acquired ATE when it was in business rescue to ensure that the technical expertise remained in SA and could be rebuilt into a world-class operation; we took over the military aerospace business from Aerosud in order to grow that business further in the international market; we developed our pilot and technical academy;

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