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118 PROPERTY | Land Equity Group CBD of Cape Town, which is now becoming a real mixed-use node where older o ce blocks are being recycled into hotels and residential properties.”
Having kept its  nger on the pulse with regards to the latest developments in the city’s property market, Land Equity is now well-placed to capitalise on the growing demand for stylish mixed-use developments within the CBD.
“The city is becoming very much alive at night. Now the best restaurants in Cape Town are within three central streets rather than being con ned to the V&A waterfront.
“There is a cosmopolitan quirkiness about being in the city which people really like, and I think that it is going to grow faster and faster,” predicts Chait.
Cape Town CBD’s increasing attraction as an all-encompassing destination where one can live, work, eat and socialise has been re ected in the type of tenants who have applied for commercial space in the Zero-2- One Tower.
“We have seen a lot of international retail tenants express interest in the CBD, along with a number of boutique hotels. Overall the CBD is appealing to a di erent kind of client from times gone by.”
In addition, the speed at which space in Zero-2-One Tower has been snapped up by investors and tenants re ects the widespread
level of enthusiasm bestowed in the project.
The building’s 610 units have already become over-subscribed, with at least 2,000 buyers registering an interest in the units, despite the project not set to be completed for another 36 months at least.

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