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From its sky-high vantage point, Zero-2-One Tower is set to become the premier mixed- use development in a city which is fast becoming a world-class destination for work and play.
The ambitious project is a perfect example of the  rm’s skill as a specialist in property regeneration and mixed-use, but it has also been a test of endurance for Land Equity and Chait in particular, whose long-held faith in the potential of the building has never wavered.
“I’ve been keen to buy that building for the last 12 years, but Old Mutual Properties [the previous owners] didn’t want to sell until recently, when they had a change in strategy and wanted to o oad. Luckily we won the subsequent tender for the building.”
The location of the former Old Mutual building has been a crucial contributing factor towards Chait’s enduring interest, which has only been strengthened by recent trends in Cape Town’s property market.
Situated across the road from Cape Town Central Station (which is also due to be developed in the near future) in the city’s pulsating CBD, the building is perfectly located to take advantage of the rapidly expanding commercial activity taking place in the area.
“It’s very strategically situated opposite
Cape Town Station and has between 60,000- 100,000 commuters walking past the building every day to and from work.
“The building is nestled centrally within the

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