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illustrative of Land Equity’s greatest strengths in property development, as the brown elds project will eventually deliver a state-of-the- art mixed-use building with retail, parking and residential space within its walls.
Most importantly it is now a catalyst which will evolve the area. There is now over R4 billion in new development surrounding the Iron Works.
Zero-2-One Tower
However, Land Equity’s current landmark development is undoubtedly the Zero-2-One Tower project, which is set to dominate Cape Town’s skyline in becoming the city’s tallest building.
When completed the property will have a  oor area covering 44,000m2 , incorporating 624 apartments, 760 parking bays, 5,000-metres of retail space and a 360-degree viewing deck from a restaurant at roof level across 44 storeys.
“Zero-2-One Tower is what you call a vertical mixed-use development which has been inspired by similar mixed-use towers in New York and Hong Kong,” explains Chait.
“These towers create a vertical mixed-use building by having retail at the bottom, then a bit of hotel space, as well as o ces and then residential at the top, and this is what we have in mind for Zero-2-One Tower.”

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