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strengthen its ability to transform the lives of millions of Africans through its transition into a fully operating and trading body with various goods and services under Musa Group.
But, perhaps most impressively the company has been able to sustain a level of growth through a di cult two-year period where macro-economic di culties and climatic conditions have threatened such growth.
While these conditions have dictated a continual shifting of its resources across the company, Musa has maintained a full sta  complement of around 2,000 employees and has continued to support its local communities through job opportunities, something which Jimerson is particularly proud of.
“Our strategy is based around sustainable growth and growth that won’t outpace our resources or the market opportunities. It’s very much a growth environment here at Musa and overall, there are still plenty of opportunities to do good and do well across Africa.”
CONTACT +27 (0) 11 771 6300

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