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“At the same time, we launched an emerging farmer programme, where we brought 30 graduates from the local agricultural college and put them into an intern development programme on the farm.”
Through this internship programme, Musa was able to equip the cohort of young farmers with a range of practical skills from handling seeds and fertiliser to operating tractors.
As the business has expanded, it now operates on over 5,000-hectares in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. O  this basis, Musa plans to expand its emerging farmer programme to a new region and on a larger scale.
“Although we had a very di cult  rst
few years of trading in the South Africa agricultural sector, we were still able to have a signi cant impact in the local community through our internship programme,” says Jimerson.
Despite the challenges the drought posed over the last few years, Musa remains committed to the agricultural sector in Africa, understanding its importance as a driver
of socio-economic development across the continent.
Although Africa’s agricultural potential is there for all to see, the continent is still a net importer of food which is thwarting progress from an economic and social perspective.
However, with sustained investment from companies like Musa, this can change.
“For Africa to be a net importer of food stocks is not sustainable and it makes little sense when all the raw materials and the land are here. We’ve just got to match that with the right investment.”
“Agriculture is not an easy sector to invest in and it requires very patient capital, and that is something which Musa has.”
In addition, Musa has also had to contend with di cult macro-conditions in the continent’s anchor economies, South Africa and Nigeria. Both have been a icted with spots of political and economic turbulence in recent years, which has caused Musa to take a more cautious approach in its trading.
However, the  rm has also taken the challenging conditions in South Africa and Nigeria as an opportunity to expand its focus, and is currently raising capital to invest in some of the continent’s emerging markets, such as Botswana and Namibia.
“Overall, it’s about taking a balanced approach and looking towards some of the smaller emerging markets on the continent, but I think that of the opportunities on the continent you still have to be anchored in the two largest economies,” says Jimerson.
Returning to Musa’s ‘to do good and do well’ mantra, the group has been able to

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