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“All of this is to cater for our growth in size. The services we currently provide together with those that we develop are like muscles on a backbone, our backbone being our organisational & operating structures together with the business model we want to encompass,” says de Saint Pern.
“If we have several major EPC contracts in various industries at the same time we are going to drastically increase in size, revenue and pro ts. We are expecting things to move quickly in the very near future.”
The  rst phase of restructuring commenced on 1 January 2015 and will be completed at the end of this year. The second phase of the strategic plan to cater for the forecasted ‘quantum leap’ will begin at the start of 2018.
De Saint Pern outlines that the growth so
far has mainly been organic, with divisions and subsidiaries being created from the holding company to meet the needs of the sectors it serves, however as from this year that will move to an acquisitive approach. Forges Tardieu is going to be proactive in the market and pursue opportunities wherever they arise. The organisation into business clusters will facilitate that acquisition and joint venture strategy.
The  ve clusters will become three wide engineering-focused units across the core pillars. One for manufacturing, one for services and one for trading/integration, positioning themselves in  ve main sectors (cane, oil & gas, energy, industrial and water
& waste water) therefore if any business opportunity presents itself under each of these speci c clusters and/or sectors, then Forges Tardieu will be in a position to move on it.
“In worldwide terms we are a small company and we cannot a ord to lose time, so we have to be extremely proactive. We are de ning our red line and we need to adapt
it and review it all the time. We need to adapt ourselves quickly and be innovative in our approach and service o erings while remaining extremely focused. We cannot a ord to say let’s wait and see,” notes de Saint Pern.
“One way to be proactive is to design the business clusters in a way where there are several speci c branches that are highly specialised so that all the synergy links are already there and when the time comes to o er a new service it will strategically and operationally  t.
“Our structure is  exible, it is like the skeleton of a baby, it will grow all the time but only according to what we feed it. I don’t know the  nal shape yet and that’s okay. We are just putting in place all the ingredients for the structure to be able to grow by itself logically, systematically and intelligently.”
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