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have to be technically savvy, competitive and better than our rivals in every aspect.”
De Saint Pern explains that the value of projects in Africa has ballooned from the tens of millions of dollars range to well over $100 million, that goes for sugar re neries and mills to power plants and the like, “There is a centralisation process in nearly every industry due to economies of scale with respect to cost optimisation.”
With more technically and  nancially complex projects, owners want to be able to pass on the risk and responsibility to EPC contractors. Where there used to be internal project teams interfacing with separate elements
of the supply chain, that role, and the risk associated, has been transferred to the single major contractor says de Saint Pern.
“They want to have someone they can revert back to who will insure the entire risk. Forges Tardieu takes the full project management contract and where we are not involved
we will subcontract the work and it is us as the EPC/EPCM who takes ownership and responsibility for any subcontracts.”
Major projects
One of the biggest projects Forges Tardieu has completed recently was the Nakambala sugar factory upgrade in Zambia for British Sugar, part of the Illovo Group. Forges Tardieu extended the sugar mill’s raw house and built the sugar re nery. The project required the deployment of more than 700 people on site. While the management on any EPC contract comes from within the company de Saint Pern explains that it is strategically critical to hire local labour.

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