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two guarantees; the performance guarantee of the process unit as well as the  nancial guarantee of the project.”
As head of strategy this transformation
into an end-to-end service provider was imperative for de Saint Pern. He stresses that the company has a responsibility to its 167 year history, shareholders and employees to ensure its sustainability and keep growing over the next decades. Particularly in oscillating industries like mining and oil & gas, where so much is dependent on global prices and their determinates, the ability to take new opportunities, be reactive to the market and agile is crucial.
“We have to be able to sustain our costs to grow and to grow by remaining in the industries we have been involved in
historically while also entering new sectors. We have to adapt ourselves and take on bigger projects to be more competitive,” de Saint Pern explains.
Forges Tardieu’s direct competition has also evolved over the years. Moving from domestic African projects to international locations, as well as large multinationals entering the African market has meant that Forges Tardieu is no longer competing against local rivals, it is very much a global game.
“Now, more than 82.7% of our turnover comes from our deployment on the African continent. We are competing against huge multinationals that are involved in global operations such as Chinese, Indian and European groups/companies and so we

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