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90 ENGINEERING SERVICES | Forges Tardieu Forges Tardieu as we know it today has roots leading back 167 years ago to 1850. The Mauritian company was formed through a merger between Les Forges et Fonderies de Maurice and Fonderies et Constructions Coloniales. Having begun as
a basic mechanical workshop and job shop fabricator to service Africa’s sugar industry, Forges Tardieu has evolved to become an EPC, EPCC and EPCM contractor for some of Africa’s biggest engineering projects across the cane industry, oil
& gas, water and waste water treatment, energy and industrial sectors.
Forges Tardieu built up a wealth of expertise in highly specialised mechanical processes through its experience and portfolio in
the sugar cane industry. In the 1980s the company became an engineering group
and diversi ed into new sectors, adding new engineering services and creating new companies organically.
“Our main model from the beginning was
to diversify without diluting our expertise,” explains Forges Tardieu’s chief strategy o cer Alexandre Gourel de Saint Pern. “We moved into the new sectors to really diversify our income  ow and no longer be dependent on one speci c industry.”
The diversi cation programme was an e ort to reduce Forges Tardieu’s exposure to a single industry, so if the oil & gas industry collapsed the company would remain stable through the other divisions.
Talking about Forges Tardieu’s entry into the oil & gas industry de Saint Pern says, “We started to penetrate the oil & gas industry with engineering manufacturing services that were not that dissimilar to our core functions in the sugar industry.
“Then as we grew in oil & gas we added more specialised engineering services that were industry-speci c. We also acquired greater human competence by hiring experts in the  eld.”
The company has organised itself into  ve separate business clusters each with clearly de ned responsibilities and objectives. De Saint Pern says that it allows each unit to be viewed as experts in its own sector enabling the deployment of individual resources in speci c industries.
Forges Tardieu has evolved to become
a turnkey EPC contractor, in conjunction
with the industry conditions. De Saint Pern says, that while the company sticks to its
core competencies in engineering and high precision manufacturing, it takes on larger projects because the various sectors in Africa, it is now involved in, have changed. There are fewer projects but each one is getting bigger and more complex.

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