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upgrading of the Solenta Group’s  eet, the  rm is also looking to expand its customer base on not only a continental level, but also a global level across several areas of business including humanitarian aid and the oil and gas industry.
“We’re looking to secure support of more scheduled airlines, which involves providing aircraft on lease to scheduled airlines around the world.
“We also want to continue growing our support for DHL across other regions of the world where we are negotiating with local operators to provide them with aircraft that they will then operate for DHL in their regions.”
This is re ected in the Solenta Group’s rudimentary presence in countries such as Senegal, Mali, Nigeria and DR Congo, along with countries in the Middle East including Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, where the Solenta Group holds strategic alliances with or has AOC’s currently in progress.
“Our aim is basically just to expand on what we are doing now into more parts of the world, with a broader customer base, working with more oil and gas companies and with larger and newer aircraft.”
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