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84 AVIATION | Solenta Group have been particularly useful to DHL as it navigates its business across Africa.
“Our operational bases mean that we
can provide DHL with a single source of aircraft over multiple countries, rather than having to deal with individual operators in each separate country.
“This gives all the bene ts of having single points of contact for a company like DHL that requires multi-country support.”
Continuing expansion
Looking towards the future of the Solenta Group, Adams reiterates the company’s ambition to continue growing its  eet and capacity in order to better serve its current customers and partners across several industries.
In particular, the Solenta Group is looking towards expanding into full ownership of Embraer E190 aircraft models, which has driven a recent Solenta Group shareholder investment into AIM-listed airline, Fastjet.
The Solenta Group acquired a 28% stake in the African low-cost carrier as part of a $48 million equity deal, which was completed in January 2017.
Furthermore, the Solenta Group has also recently signed a two-year partnership with StandardAero, who will provide a range of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) services to the Solenta Group’s growing  eet.
With these recent developments set to pave the way for the further expansion and

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