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82 AVIATION | Solenta Group The Solenta Group’s commitment to maintaining a  exible approach to its aviation services has seen the  rm transition from initially providing full ACMI services only, towards a mixture of wet lease and dry lease scenarios.
In such dry lease scenarios, the Solenta Group liaises with its client to provide an aviation service to the exact speci cation it requires, based on the client’s request to use its own cabin or  ight crew.
“In these cases, it’s about being  exible, listening, understanding what the requirement is and structuring a contract to meet that speci c requirement,” says Adams.
The establishment of a number of operational bases across the continent, where the Solenta Group holds Air Operator Certi cates (AOCs) has also strengthened the  rm’s ability to provide  exible aviation solutions to its clients.
The Solenta Group currently holds AOCs in eight countries across Africa from Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique in the East, Zimbabwe and South Africa in the South, Gabon and the Ivory Coast along the West coast and Algeria, (through joint venture with a local partner) in the North of the continent.
These national aviation approval certi cates ensure that the Solenta Group’s clients
gain a smooth entry platform into these destinations. Solenta’s operational bases

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