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 rm’s own trainers, or alternatively through reputable external cabin crew training organisations.
For Solenta Aviation’s students of aircraft maintenance engineering, most company training is conducted at its head o ce
in Johannesburg, which has a number of specialised classroom facilities.
Flexible aviation solutions
The Solenta Group prides itself on providing ‘ exible aviation solutions’, an aspiration which has taken on more and more importance as the  rm has developed its business towards serving several diverse industries across Africa and beyond.
“[Providing  exible aviation solutions] means listening to the customer and learning what their speci c requirements are, especially
as we’ve found ourselves getting into larger aircraft and therefore leaping up the ladder in terms of the size and infrastructural demands of our clients,” explains Adams.
As a consequence of working with a number of di erent companies from multinational oil majors to humanitarian aid-focused NGOs, the Solenta Group has had to make sure it responds adequately to the di ering requirements of its clients.
For example, an increasing trend in recent years has involved the Solenta Group’s clients often not requiring a full ACMI service, as companies wish to utilise their own cabin crews. Sometimes  rms even go a step further and provide their own  ight crew along with a cabin crew, which has necessitated a subtle change in approach.

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