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80 AVIATION | Solenta Group “Therefore, we go a lot further than simply providing an aircraft or an engineer, it’s about the logistics of procurement and shipment of aircraft components to support the day-to- day operations of our customers.”
Training organisation
In addition to these core operations, Solenta Aviation also operates a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)-approved training organisation, which is primarily based at the  rm’s head o ce in Johannesburg.
Solenta Aviation’s training organisation provides key preparatory exercises for  ight crew, cabin crew and for aircraft maintenance engineers, which are o ered to both internal employees and external clients.
“One of the key facilities utilised by members of our  ight crew training programme is
a 6-base  ight simulator, where we also communicate all of our safety procedural checks.”
These safety measures include emergency procedures training, crew resource management, aviation security and several other procedures which contribute towards Solenta Aviation’s stringent safety standards and regulations.
Prospective cabin crew members are also put through a similar safety regime across Solenta Aviation’s operating bases via the

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