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slowly rolling out glass, can and tin recycling across the business.”
These green initiatives are not just examples of sustainable development from an environmental perspective, but also from
a business standpoint as a cost-saving approach, which is crucially important for smaller aviation companies like Grand Central, who don’t have the luxury of big budgets and government funding.
Grand Central Airport is  ying into a bold new phase of its development following the decision by OMLACSA to become the sole shareholder in the company last year. Under this sole ownership, Grand Central is embarking on an ambitious development programme, which centres on two new hangar projects.
Plans are being submitted for the design of a multi-use, 15,000m2 commercial hangar, along with a number of smaller hangars that cater for private individuals with smaller aircraft.
In addition, Grand Central is working towards attaining regional international status from the Department of Transport, which will allow its clients to depart to and return from any SADC country within Africa. The airport currently holds domestic status, but a hybrid version of this would constitute a signi cant boost to its cross-border users.
“For Grand Central everybody is just as important, we wouldn’t have been able to start o  if it wasn’t for the general aviation guys, but now we happily accommodate commercial and training schools air tra c.
“Everybody is equally important to us and we’d like to cater to as many spheres within general aviation as possible.”
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