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70 AVIATION | Grand Central Airport to progress from his own car to the aircraft in a matter of seconds.
“Navigating Grand Central Airport is very quick, as you don’t have the stringent security regulations or the long walks from the drop o  zones, like you do at the commercial airports.
“You don’t have to walk all the way through an expansive terminal building that is overcrowded before navigating check-in counters and extensive security checks before you get to your aircraft.”
Consequently, this seamless service, along with its prime location are both signi cant elements of Grand Central’s unique selling point.
Green development
Regardless of its position as a small-
scale operation, Grand Central is
making substantial e orts to embrace environmentally friendly business practises, and is currently undertaking a multi-phase green development approach involving the conversion of all building lighting to LEDs.
This all-encompassing transformation towards LED lighting will also incorporate the exterior  oodlights on the aprons, with the next project in the pipeline focusing on changing the runway lights to LEDs.
“Furthermore, we’ve recently initiated a recycling project, where we’ve partnered up with a local company called Nampak, who are aiding the recycling of our paper, and are

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